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KR Woods aka Camp Cookie

K.R. Wood, aka
"Camp Cookie"

Also brought back by popular demand, K.R. Wood is a native Texas singer, songwriter, historian and musician, plays 6 and 12 string acoustical guitars and has received acclaim for his Fathers of Texas CD series. Find out more about "Camp Cookie" on his website: More...

Ric Maddox
& Crew

Wild West Shows produced and starring Ric Maddox, Producer, co-writer and lead actor in “Dead Men the Series.” More...

Mustang Mikki Daniel

Western Music Association (WMA) 2012 Youth Yodeler of the Year award and the Marilyn Tuttle "Best of the Best" Harmony Award (with Leah Sawyer). More...

Buggy Barn Museum

Buggy Barn Museum Logo
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The Buggy Barn Museum is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization, which is dedicated to providing a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience first-hand the carriages which had such a significant role in our history and heritage. All funds will be used to expand our collection and promote the preservation of this important era through educational programs highlighting the historical role of carriages in the cultural, social, and economical development of our country.

Hill Country Western Showcase - 5th Annual  Like Blanco Hill Country Western Showcase on Facebook

The 5th Annual Blanco, TX, Hill Country Western Showcase (formerly the Blanco Western Showcase) will be held on November 4 - 5, 2016.

Check out our new website at http://www.buggybarnpinemooretown.com where you will be given more information about schedules and the old west town.

Also, another website to check out is the Hill Country Western Showcase.

About the Buggy Barn Museum


Buggy Barn Museum is family-owned and operated and located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country of Blanco, Texas. Buggy Barn Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing a unique educational opportunity to step back in time to the late 1800s and early 1900s and view the carriages, wagons, and buggies that played such a significant role in the country's history, development, and heritage.  Expansion of the museum's collection and promoting the preservation of these modes of horse drawn transportation and commerce are two of the museum's primary goals. 

The museum also provides excellent educational opportunities for school children (public, home, private). The museum staff is actively involved with helping make school field trips and group visits fun and educational.

Buggy Barn Museum provides many opportunities for people to get together for meetings, reunions, educational purposes, lunches, and even lessons on how to harness a horse or drive a stage coach!

Buggy Barn Museum is home to more than 100 buggies, carriages, and wagons. Among the unique carriages are a 1903 Studebaker, as well as an elaborate hearse. Buggy Barn Museum carriages can be seen in many movies such as "There Will Be Blood", "True Grit (2010)", "Lonesome Dove", "Hidalgo", "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter", "The Redemption of Henry Myers", "Deliverance Creek"; as well as the television series "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" and "Revolution". There is also a gift shop with many items available including ropes, hats, glasses, coffee cups, purses, kids items, Amish made toys, Amish made lotion, and more!

Expansion of the museum's collection and promoting the preservation of these modes of horse drawn transportation and commerce are two of the museum's primary goals. The Buggy Barn Museum is growing, but it is in need of help to expand. Not only do we provide tours and other educational experiences, but we also provide a scholarship to one or two local high school students every year. Buggy Barn Museum is an active part of the community and would love to expand and grow even more. There are many opportunities to help us achieve our future goals; donating to the museum, sponsoring the Hill Country Western Showcase, helping to promote our museum and showcase, and we are also working on forming a "Friends of the Buggy Barn Museum" and more. If you are interested in helping the Buggy Barn Museum become a highlight stop in the Hill Country, please consider donating or sponsoring.

The Blanco Western Showcase will help to make all this possible. We are very excited to have this event on the grounds of Buggy Barn Museum, and we are excited for the future growth of this establishment.

4th Annual Hill Country Western Showcase

The Buggy Barn Museum is hosting their 4th annual Hill Country Western Showcase (Blanco Western Showcase) on November 6 & 7, 2015.

This showcase is a 2-day event with Friday being dedicated to hosting schools from all over. The schools are welcome at no charge and are able to experience all the activities that are offered, including a tour of Buggy Barn Museum. We also have a chuck wagon set up, taxidermy demonstrations, blacksmith demonstrations, LBJ National Park with a wagon, a petting zoo, entertainment, singers, reenactments, and an old west skit made especially for our showcase. 

Our lineup of entertainers includes:










KR Wood
Mikki Daniel - singer/entertainer
Ric Maddox and the cast of "Redemption" (this skit was specifically made for the showcase). 
Bandera Cattle Company - The official gunfighters of Bandera, TexasRebecca Henricks - singer/entertainer
Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald - "The animals of the world are talking to us.…Are We Listening?"LBJ Demos
Tommy Worl
Kevin Browning
Blacksmith Demos
Petting zoo










Buggy Barn Museum is in the process of building an old west town, with a church already built; but plan to have a jail, general store, and more. The Hill Country Western Showcase uses this town as the back drop for the old west skit, which included horses, a gun fight and more! 

The Hill Country Western Showcase is a fun filled weekend for all ages! Price is $5 per person with kids under 5 Free! 

Saturday we will have a chuck wagon plate available for $5 a plate. Hours are as follows:

Friday from 9am-6pm

Saturday from 9am-6pm

Sunday we will have a Cowboy Church and breakfast at 8am.

See our Gallery page for many of the pictures taken during the years and some videos.







Sponsorship Information

This year we are planning to grow even more than last year. We would love to have your support and help with your sponsorship of the event. Here are the categories (click here to print the Information and Sponsorship Flyer for complete details or see our Sponsorship Page for the details:

"King of the Range" $7,500
"Ponderosa" $5,000
"Golden Corral" $3,000
"Silver Spur" $2,000
"Trail Boss" $1,000
"Wrangler" $500
"Buckaroo" $250
"Partner" $100

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Amanda Smith at 830-385-3779 or email her at amanda.buggybarn@gmail.com.

Vendor Information
Booth Application and Contract Packet
If you would like to be a vendor at the Blanco Western Showcase, see letter and forms above. The above application/contracts can be filled out on your computer, saved, and printed.
Get Adobe Reader If you need Adobe Reader to open the above files, go to http://get.adobe.com/reader/ to download the program.

K.R. Wood's Performance on YouTube.com


"Over the Rainbow" performed by
Yodeling Cowgirl Mustang
Mikki on youtube.com


Official Trailer of "Dead Men - The Series"
Staring Ric Maddox
Directed by Royston Innes and starring Ric Maddox as Jesse Struthers.
Click here to see more about Ric Maddox.
More at www.ricmaddox.com


OK Corral Shootout - Bandera Cattle Company, Bandera, Texas


Sandbox by Rebecca Henricks